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Hi, we're Madesupreme
We are passionate people, obsessed with quality and taste. We believe in the nourishing and healing qualities of natural foods. We craft wholesome tonics using a secret infusion recipe. Our empirical formula is deemed to produce nutrient-dense tonics, that are delicious, hydrating and invigorating.

Hi, we're Madesupreme

Konstantin grew up in a family that going to the farmers market, making everything from scratch and eating together was a daily affair. He developed a passion about food, sampling every possible ingredient, experimenting in the kitchen and reading everything related to food.
He lived and worked in several different countries, before moving to NYC, to make it his home.
After some soul searching, he decided to give up his hotel career and go on a trip around Asia. Over the course of six months he travelled to 11 countries, from crowded cities to the most remote villages. He returned to NYC inspired to start a new adventure.
He started Madesupreme in his Brooklyn basement; a venture to reflect his values and express his passion.

Dream. Explore. Savor.
Founder of Madesupreme

"The perfect tonic"

It's our objective, reflected in our passion for creating something excellent and making a difference. Driven by our core values, central to everything we do:

What you drink matters

Madesupreme was created because we care! We believe that foods have healing qualities and nourish your body. We are obsessed with quality. And we've proven that healthy can taste simply amazing.

We are you

We stand for respect and treat others the way we like to be treated.We believe in good karma and the reactions that positive energy evokes in the universe. Always driven by overwhelming dedication & passion.

Efficiency in every step

We source all the elements of our tonics from suppliers within 250 miles from our manufacturing facility.
That means higher quality and better product control. While doing are part to respect the environment.

Our products

We are making tonics that are simply delicious and truly good for you. At a fair price, of course!

Learn about our tonics

From raw ingredients to the final product, we decoding the art of making tonics.