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Hi, we're Madesupreme
We are passionate people, obsessed with quality and taste. We believe in the nourishing and healing qualities of natural foods. We craft wholesome tonics using a secret infusion recipe. Our empirical formula is deemed to produce nutrient-dense tonics, that are delicious, hydrating and invigorating.

The art of making tonics

At Madesupreme, every step of making tonics is carefully considered and has a purpose. From fruit to sip, let us break it down for you...
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1. Pure fruits & rhizomes

At Madesupreme we are using only pure fruits & rhizomes, because they create the absolute best beverages. Our fruits are cold-pressed to protect their integrity.
Pure fruits provide you with supreme flavor, higher value nutrition and are 100% natural.
Unlike any artificial flavorings that are, well artificial... chemically produced flavorings made with hues and other things we can't even pronounce.

2. Mighty apple cider vinegar

Raw apple cider vinegar is a fermented ancient food. Renown and praised for centuries for it's amazing natural qualities, it's incredibly popular in the natural health community.
We are only using organic RACV, full of zesty and natural goodness.
In many cultures is recommended to drink RACV on a daily basis as a wellness and immune booster.
Our RACV contains the "mother" of vinegar. It is a chain of protein enzyme molecules that occur naturally.

3. Secret infusion

We make our tonics based on a old empirical medicinal formula.
Always hand-crafted, by cold-pressing our carefully selected fruits and rhizomes.
We like to blend different fruit juices to create a better flavor base for our tonics.
We create small batches by mixing the juice blends with raw apple cider vinegar, crisp water and a touch of stevia.
The ingredients need to infuse for a handful of days (sorry we can't reveal exactly how long) to mellow and develop their supreme flavor.

4. Deliciously smooth

Our tonics have an incredibly smooth and exciting flavor, unlike anything else you ever tasted before.
Full bodied yet light to drink, with a balanced sweet and tangy taste. Extremely refreshing, bold and mouthwatering.
RACV despite being a bold ingredient, thanks to our unique infusion, has became surprisingly mild and smooth.
Stevia is a key player. It adds natural sweetness without the calories. We are proud of the fact that it has non of the bitter aftertaste you find in other beverages.

5. Loaded with goodness

Our tonics are hyper-functional. They combine the nutritional qualities of our fruits and rhizomes, with the acclaimed health benefits of raw apple cider vinegar.
Healthy, yet delicious and invigorating.
A rather complex tonic, packed with goodness, that is yet delicious and enjoyable to drink. A big challenge we set for ourselves, was to create a tonic that has no added sugar. Hence we used stevia, as a 100% natural no-calorie sweetener.
Apple cider vinegar makes our tonics uplifting and incredibly refreshing.